Merchant Navy Officers Pension Fund




The law requires that most occupational pension schemes in the UK are set up as trusts. A trust ensures that the pension scheme’s assets are kept separate from those of the employer. This is important for the security of members’ benefits. The MNOPF is set up under English Law in the form of a Trust. The Trust is run by a trustee company called MNOPF Trustees Limited. Trustees are responsible for ensuring that the pension scheme is run properly and that the members’ benefits are secure.

The MNOPF Trustee Board

The MNOPF Trustee Board is run by directors and executives. There are 8 directors elected from the maritime community. Half the board represent the employers in the MNOPF and half are nominated by the union which represents the officers, Nautilus International. 

The appointment, re-appointment and removal of the Trustee and Trustee Directors are the responsibility of the Joint Officers Pension Committee (JOPC) formed by employers’ and officers’ organisations. 

The make-up of the Board means that there are people at the heart of decision making who understand the maritime industry and who will act in member’s best interests. They make sure the MNOPF is of the highest standard and will continue to meet the needs of members now, and in the future.

The Trustee Board is supported by a professional pensions team, Rock Pensions

Trust Deed & Rules

The Trust Deed and Rules set out the Trustee’s powers and the procedures the Trustee must follow. The Trust Deed is a legal document that sets up and governs the scheme. The Rules set out more detailed conditions, for example, the benefits that will be provided. 

The Trust Deed and Rules for the MNOPF can be viewed here. The Trustee has the power to make changes to the Trust Deed & Rules provided that the changes are approved by both a majority of the employers’ representatives and a majority of the officers’ representatives. However, no change may be made which alters the purpose of the MNOPF – namely to provide retirement benefits. Nor can it reduce the rights to benefits already earned, except in exceptional circumstances. 

The names of all the current Trustee Board are listed in the Annual Report & Accounts.

Meet the Trustee Directors

MNOPF Trustees Limited is run by directors and executives. There are 8 directors, half nominated by the employers and half by the union, Nautilus UK. This arrangement satisfies the law on member-nominated trustees. The directors appoint the executives, who are the Chief Executive and Scheme Secretary. Regularly, the directors meet with the executives to review the management of the MNOPF, seeking advice where appropriate from their professional advisers. The names of the directors, the executives and the advisers are in the annual report and accounts.

Rory Murphy - Chair

Rory joined the MNOPF Trustee Board in December 2012 and became the Chair in September 2014.

As a former Trade Union General Secretary Rory has over 30 years' experience across the public and private sectors in both the UK, Ireland and Europe and continues to work with Trade Unions.

In other roles Rory advises companies in understanding, engaging, consulting and negotiating with trade unions and their employees.  He also helps them to develop and implement strategy and negotiating tactics, both before and during any set piece negotiations or specific projects. Rory has experience of leading training workshops and has mentored senior managers and executives working in conjunction with company HR teams to complement their existing resources.

Mike Jess BEM - Vice-Chair

Mike Jess has been a member nominated Trustee of the MNOPF since 2011 and appointed Vice-Chair from 1st September 2014.

Mike is Senior Policy Adviser of Nautilus International (and former Assistant General Secretary), Trustee Director of the Seafarers Hospital Society and former Secretary of The Nautilus Welfare Fund. He is also a former Trustee Director of the Merchant Navy Welfare Board and Maritime Charities Funding Group, and former Chair of the Maritime Education Trust.

Mike has been with Nautilus since 2001, prior to which he has held a range of senior HR and Management Development posts in both the private and public sector.

Mike was awarded the British Empire Medal in 2017 in recognition of his work in support of seafarer welfare services.