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Merchant Navy Officers Pension Fund

Defined Contribution pensions savings - August 2015 to 31 March 2018

The Ensign Retirement Plan (for the MNOPF) was launched in August 2015 and formed the Money Purchase (MP) Section of the MNOPF. The Ensign Retirement Plan (for the MNOPF) was closed with effect from 31 March 2018 and all member benefits transferred to the maritime industry scheme – the Ensign Retirement Plan. Following a re-fresh of the brand, the Ensign Retirement Plan was known as Ensign. Created especially for employees in the maritime industry, Ensign was a low cost, high quality, defined contribution pension plan. All members and their benefits in Ensign were transferred to Smart Pension(www.smartpension.co.uk/) on 7 June 2023 and Ensign was subsequently wound up on 26 September 2023.