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Merchant Navy Officers Pension Fund


In 2014, following the buy-out, responsibility for the payment of benefits from the Old Section of the MNOPF passed to Rothesay Life and Legal & General. This meant that some members, who had both Old and New Section benefits, could potentially receive benefits from three sources.

The MNOPF Trustee took the innovative step of introducing myMNOPFpension which streamlines the communications and defined benefit pension payments from Rothesay Life, Legal & General and Mercer (formerly JLT Employee Benefits). In practice, this means that members will receive one pension payment, and one point of contact – myMNOPFpension – who will liaise with the insurers on members’ behalf as necessary.

For members who have Old and New Section benefits, the Frequently Asked Questions for myMNOPFpension are shown below:

Yes. The Old Section and the New Section of the MNOPF are now two separate pension arrangements; the Old Section liabilities now being the responsibility of Rothesay Life and Legal & General and the New Section remains the responsibility of the MNOPF Trustee. It is, therefore, necessary to provide you with separate illustrations.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure you receive your retirement illustrations at the same time (where appropriate), there are occasions where myMNOPFpensions must contact HMRC to obtain information about your earnings whilst you were contributing to the MNOPF.

As you may expect, HMRC receive a vast amount of similar requests from other pension providers, and are not always in a position to provide a fast response. This means that, occasionally, you may receive a retirement illustration from one provider, but there may be a short delay before you receive the second retirement illustration. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable as the information requested from HMRC is essential to calculate your benefits. myMNOPFpension will keep you informed of any likely delays and will work with HMRC on your behalf to ensure that any such delays are kept to a minimum.

You will receive a retirement pack from each provider detailing your retirement options and the paperwork you will need to complete and return in order to pay your benefits.

Where you decide to receive your benefits from providers on the same date, you will only need to submit the required certificates once.

You can receive your regular pension payments from more than one provider at the same time. To do this you must choose the same retirement date for all providers and provide the same bank or building society details to each pension provider when returning your retirement paperwork.

However, please note that for benefits provided by Rothesay Life, if the paperwork to claim your pension is received more than 3 months from your retirement date, the Rothesay Life benefit will need to be re-calculated at a more recent date. In this instance, the Rothesay Life and MNOPF benefits cannot be consolidated into one payment.

No. Only one copy of the original death certificate needs to be provided to myMNOPFpension, who in turn will provide certified copies to all the relevant parties.

Pay slips are issued each year in April. You will receive one pay slip which covers all elements of your MNOPF pension, as applicable.

You will receive one P60 from myMNOPFpension which will cover all insurers and MNOPF pensions.

The contact details for myMNOPFpension are:
Post Handling Centre U
St James' Tower
7 Charlotte Street
Manchester, M1 4DZ
Tel: 01372 200200
Email: enquiries@mymnopfpension.com